Best Golf Destinations To Go To

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Today, there are several thousand golf courses all around the world. Each of them is unique and offers exceptional golf experience. You can find any kind of golf course from public and affordable locations to golf clubs with $500k membership. But there are some outstanding golf locations you have to visit at least once. Let us now present you with top 5 best golf destinations in the world to go to!

  1. The number one golf destination in the world is Scotland, obviously. After all, it is the homeland of golf! As you would have already guessed, the oldest golf course in the world, St. Andrews, is located here! Not only that, in Scotland, you will find other over 200 hundred years old golf courses, which are widely considered the best in the world. If you consider yourself a golfer to the core, visiting Scotland to play on its golf courses with the best holes in the whole world is a must!
  2. If you are fond of golf games in sunny days, Florida is an ideal pick for you! Here, the sun always shines and the grass is green. Sure, it rains here every now and then, but it isn’t that much of an issue in Florida. But most importantly, you will find here what every golfer would be looking for in the first place – amazing golf courses! And that is not a surprise as Florida is home to the PGA Tour, Champions Tour, LPGA, PGA of America, and World Golf Hall of Fame. Florida has given more professional golfers than any other state!
  3. The golf courses of Arizona are a heaven for those looking for diverse courses. All of them have design choices perfectly fitting to their location. You can find Arizona’s golf courses from rugged mountains to vast tracts of Saguaro cacti. A nice pick for those golfers who quickly become bored of the golf courses.
  4. Las Vegas. Besides being the most famous place of gamble, Las Vegas has some of the most popular golf destinations in the United States. If you like golf and go to Las Vegas, make sure to pay a visit to at least one of the astonishing golf courses like Desert Pines Golf Club, Bali Hai Golf Club, Boulder City Golf Course, Wynn Las Vegas, and dozens of others!
  5. Hawaii has everything to offer to anyone visiting the islands, and golf is not an exception. In the small area of Hawaiian Islands, you can find the largest number of amazing golf courses than anywhere else in the world. Among the best golf courses in Hawaii are Jack Nicklaus signature Challenge at Manele, Experience at Keole, the new Dunes at Maui Lani, and many other locations considered one of the best on the planet!

For a golfer, what could be better than travelling around the world every once in a while? That’s right, playing on the most iconic golf courses in the history of golf! Visiting Scotland or Arizona is not only of great touristic value as it will offer you an unforgettable experience of the most popular and unique holes in the world. So pack your equipment and pay a visit to the top 5 of the best golf locations in the world!

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