Best Golf Rangefinder Brands Around

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Like other golf equipment, there are a couple of names that stand out in the field of golf rangefinders. With those names, most of the pros and amateur players agree that they produce the best products on the market. We are now going to introduce you to a couple of brands producing quality equipment, including rangefinders. They all make some of the best equipment on the market, so you should definitely check them out if you are looking for a golf rangefinder.

Bushnell. Bushnell was the first golf equipment company to introduce a hybrid rangefinder combining features of both GPS and a laser. They offer a wide range of rangefinders varying in price and features. Almost every year, Bushnell releases a new golf rangefinder with new features and technologies.

Because Bushnell has quite a variety of rangefinders, finding the right one won’t be so easy. Different golfers will prefer different models in accordance to their needs. But generally, the top two most highly reviewed and popular models are the Bushnell Tour V3 and Bushnell Tour V4. The Tour V4 is an advancement of the V3 and has 1000-yard maximum reach, which is, by the way, one of the base features of rangefinders.

Callaway. Having been on the market for over a century, Callaway is the most recognizable golf brand around. They are most famous for their range of golf clubs, but they have been lately diversifying into other types of golf equipment. They now offer some of the best golf rangefinders one can buy.

Callaway’s rangefinders are most known for their ease of use and durability. Just like any other leading golf brand, they have a versatile choice of golf rangefinders. Callaway has always been investing huge money into the sport and golf equipment, and rangefinders are not an exception.

Judging by the customer and expert rangefinder reviews and the sales, the Callaway 300 is their most quality and efficient model. It is a modern device with some unparalleled features, which can greatly help you with improving your results.

Nikon. Nikon is another around one-century manufacturer, but it is most known for its cameras and camera-related technologies, which have found a new application with Nikon’s rangefinders. The many years of experience of the company greatly help it with producing the most special rangefinders you can buy. And their optics design is what makes their product particularly great.

Although now Nikon is a large multinational organization, it has started out by producing rangefinders for Callaway. Nikon’s huge experience with both optics and rangefinders have helped them with introducing their own line of golf rangefinders.

As for their most quality model, the Nikon Coolshot 20 seems to be the favorite of its users and is the company’s best-selling rangefinder. It is great by not only its features but the more affordable price as well. The top models by Bushnell, TecTecTec, and Callaway are usually more expensive. Coolshot 20 is also one of the lightest on the market and can be easily fit into a small bag or even your pocket.


That’s our pick of best golf rangefinder brands. Hopefully, this list will help you with finding the most fitting rangefinder as soon as possible! Having one may really help you improve your result. Just remember that they may be forbidden on pro competitions!



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