Best Golf Related Movies to Watch

golf movies
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Did you know that golf is not limited by what you do on the golf course? You can actually learn by not only performing swings with different clubs but by reading literature and watching movies as well.

A more important question – would you play golf if you were not enjoying it? If you are tired of the routine plays on your local golf course, mixing it up with something more unusual may help you with keeping yourself constantly motivated and challenged. While the movies below are not exactly educational, they might really help you with getting back on track. Let us present you with 6 good golf movies you must watch!

Caddyshack. This is the most popular golf movie ever made and the most favorite film of golfers! Not only that, it is actually a cult classic even outside the golf community. It features such actors as Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Ted Knight, and Rodney Daingerfield. A must-see for any golfer who hasn’t watched this spectacular movie!

The Greatest Game Ever Played. Having hit theaters in 2005, the movie tells the story of a young amateur Francis Ouimet (Shia LaBeouf) and his victory over British stars Harry Vardon and Ted Rayat the 1913 US Open. That win is considered the main reason of golf’s popularization in the United States!

The Cup. This movie is especially known for the scene where Kevin Costner’s character repeatedly hits a ball after a ball into a water hazard in front of a green to just prove that he can make the shot instead of avoiding the hazard. The fact that Costner actually has skills in golf helps this movie. You should definitely watch this film if you want to have some chills!

Dead Solid Perfect. This movie is based on Dan Jenkins’ novel of the same name, which many consider one of the best golf novels ever written. Dead Solid Perfect is about the struggle of a pro golfer chasing his dreams. It is all about the pro tours! The movie was produced by HBO and stars Randy Quaid.

Happy Gilmore. Happy Gilmore tells a story of a hockey player, whose slapshot produces monstrous golf drives. This movie has inspired many YouTube videos about both pro and amateur golfers trying to replicate Happy’s drive. Whether you are a fan of Adam Sandler or not, you will enjoy this film!  It even features such stars as Bob Barker and Lee Trevino!

Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius. A bit overwrought motion picture. Besides, Jim Caviezel doesn’t quite produce the swing of Bobby Jones he plays. But that is not an issue because who among us can really do it? This movie follows Jones’ life path of a tempered youngster who struggled to become one of the most famous golfers in the history of the sport. Jones is the only golfer who has won all four men’s major golf championships in one calendar year (1930). This was the first film to feature the Royal and Ancient Golf Club at St. Andrews with a permission to shoot the location.

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