Best Warm Up Techniques Before Playing Golf

golf warm up techniques
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Warming up is essential in any sport. With golf, it is not an exception as a proper stretch and some exercise will help you reach the peak of your performance. Professionals are fully warmed up by the time they step to their first tee while amateurs usually just rush to the golf course without leaving some free time for warmup.

Although we cannot say precisely what set of exercises will work for you, we can examine a couple of general tips on an efficient golf warmup. Make yourself comfortable as we are going to present you with 5 tips on a warmup routine!

Get to the golf course early. You need to have enough time to visit a golf shop, use the restroom, and change into your golf wear. You should not feel rushed as you need to allow yourself to have a calm warmup. Remember, your warmup routine will set the tempo of the whole game day. Arriving at the course one hour before your tee time should give you more than enough time to prepare. Ideally, you should finish your warmup right before your group starts playing.

Begin your warmup with putting on green. Putting is about the half of golf. It will probably be pointless to only prepare to the opening drive and then stand motionless on the green. Most of the amateur golfers usually rush to the driving range, so you can start putting more calmly.

Try putting on different distances and angles. Speed control is critical with putting because you don’t want to lose a 3-feet shot into the hole. You can try putting to a tee or a coin as it can prepare you for your precise shots really well.

Investigate the green. To determine the best spots on the course you can shot the golf ball at, you need to spend some time around the green, checking the firmness of the ground. The ball rolls more on firmer ground. That way, you will know the most beneficial spots and how to behave on them beforehand. You can and probably should practice with a target.

Stretch to begin your full swing warmup. Stretching is crucial in preparing your muscles to the range of motion of the full swing. It plays a huge role in injury prevention. Typically, stretching should take around 15 minutes.

Begin your full swing warmup at the practice tee. Now, you should use a short tee to contact the golf ball crisply. Beginning the swing warmup with wedge shots will help you achieve smooth tempo and rhythm.

After hitting around 10 wedges, start to work with short irons and then move to longer irons and woods. Make sure that each swing is rhythmic and your balance is spot on. The last few shots should be done with the club you will be using on the first tee, which is usually a 3- or 5-wood. You can also make some smooth wedge shots or full, slow-motion swings with your driver that send the ball to only 50-100 yards. Remember to control your rhythm and keep the balance, which should carry over to your game.



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